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Brooklyn Brownouts - Riffs and Licks
Brooklyn Brownouts
The low-voltage problem continues in most of western Prospect Heights. Street lights are dim, grocery store freezers are way too warm (soupy ice cream, just the right thing for a hot and muggy night) and the elevators in most of the large apartment buildings aren't working. Hot water is intermittent as well. According to my co-op board, Con Ed is finally admitting there's a problem but they promised to have it fixed by 8pm tonight. Meanwhile, it's 10:30 and according to my UPS, incoming voltage is 97.1. (It should normally be at least 110.)

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bobhowe From: bobhowe Date: June 18th, 2004 01:55 am (UTC) (Link)
You, my friend, are living in Brazil. Keep complaining about brownouts, and Robert DiNiro is going to come crashing trough your window to take away your UPS.
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