Ken (steelbrassnwood) wrote,

Appearing in today's New York Times...

I got home from a full day of gigging yesterday (and could you ask for a more beautiful day to spend sitting outside playing music???), picked up the Sunday Times, and saw myself in the travel section, which has an article on country music in Brooklyn.1 The article mentions the Saturday night jams at Sunny's in Red Hook, and a photo of one of those jams illustrates the article. I'm all the way on the right side of that picture, with a harmonica stuck in my face. Also pictured are Ira on accordion, John Simpson on guitar, Fran Leadon on guitar, and Rick Shields' fiddle.

(And if you want to hear what they're talking about, I'll be joining a bunch of great pickers from the Brooklyn scene today at Nolita House, on Houston Street, for a bluegrass brunch from 12.30 - 3.)

1As much as we laughed about the Times putting a piece about Brooklyn in the travel section ("Come on, people, it's only a bridge!" said one picker), it's actually about things to do for people who come visit NYC, and is written a little tongue-in-cheek, for people who come from places where country music is more common. Thankfully, the writer did grasp the vast difference between the commercial crap that Nashville puts out nowadays, and the traditional music that we play.
Tags: brooklyn, music
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