Ken (steelbrassnwood) wrote,

A meme?

shunn posted an interesting listing of the songs he's played most often on his music server. Thanks to iTunes, and the fact that I play almost all my music via the iPod nowadays, I can do something similar:

I Don't Love You Much Do IGuy Clark18
Long RoadPatty Griffin16
White Freightliner BluesTownes Van Zandt16
American Idiot (Entire album)Green Day14
Strong HandEmmylou Harris13
New SlangThe Shins13
Stacy's MomFountains Of Wayne12
Little Red LightFountains Of Wayne12
88 Lines About 44 WomenThe Nails12
ChiefPatty Griffin12

This list excludes songs of my own and songs I practice frequently (on a bittersweet note, the most frequently played song in the whole library is a Kate and Lou tune, a fast mandolin number I had to work very hard to learn), but I guess it shows that I mainly like Americana and great pop songs.

Tags: memes, music
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