Ken (steelbrassnwood) wrote,

To T.O.

Mike and I will be returning to Toronto for our second annual (hey, I work on the Internet; two points definitely make a trend) show at the Renaissance Cafe, in the Danforth. I'm looking forward to the show and to another visit to Toronto, which has joined the very short list of "cities I could happily live in." The big date is Good Friday, April 14.

If you don't want to drive ten hours to Toronto, you can take the train for hopefully less than ten hours (depending, of course, on the mood of the west side IRT) and catch our show the following week at the Underground Lounge on the upper west side. We'll be there on Friday, April 21. I'll be doing a half-hour solo set, and then I'll join Mike for part of his set. We both have new songs, so come on out and see for free what you'd otherwise have to pay CN$5 (and plane fare) to see in Canada.

I'll also be doing a show on Staten Island this Friday night, with Caroline Cutroneo. Unfortunately, you can't take the subway to Staten Island no matter how long you wait, and there are no direct flights.

Details, as always, are on my site.
Tags: gigs
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