Ken (steelbrassnwood) wrote,

Friday Night in the Mansion

The show with Frank and Nancy Moccaldi last night was a wonderful free-for-all, with an old-time string band, traditional Irish and Scottish tunes (the latter on electric guitar), and a surfeit of harmonicas and banjos.

The show was part of the Good Coffeehouse series, held at the Ethical Culture Society on Prospect Park West, a a gorgeous mansion built by the inventor of Bon Ami cleansing powder. We arrived early for a run-through, and I spent a little time wandering around the nearly empty building.

(You can click on any photo for a larger version.)

The downstairs parlor and performance space, looking towards the stage, at about 5.30. By 8.00, it was completely packed.

The front window of the parlor, looking out onto Prospect Park West.

The three windows at the back of the parlor, behind the stage. The inscription reads, "The Place Where We Meet To Seek the Highest Is Holy Ground." Which is a great thing to have over your head when you're playing music with good people.

Detail of one of the windows at the back of the parlor.

The upstairs library, with beautiful windows overlooking the park.

Detail of the windows in the library.

Tags: brooklyn, gigs, photos
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