Ken (steelbrassnwood) wrote,

Back at the Underground Lounge

Mike Skliar and I had a great gig at the Underground Lounge on the Upper West Side last month, and we'll be back there on Tuesday, July 12. The Underground Lounge is a downstairs venue at the southwest corner of 107th Street and West End Avenue (where Broadway meets West End). It started as a coffee house in the late 90's, and now features music and comedy events every night. It's a small friendly space with comfortable seating and friendly wait staff, and also has a (small) outdoor terrace, so it's one of the few places in Manhattan where you can drink and smoke. We will be playing in the back room, and there's no cover charge, although there is a two-drink minimum. As usual we'll have some new songs, some old songs, and some surprises, intentional and otherwise. Details are as usual on the shows page at my site.
Tags: gigs
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