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At the Opening Of the Gates

Or, Orange Will Be the Color For Shower Curtains Next Spring

Early this morning (early by my Saturday standards, anyway), bobhowe, shunn and the usual crew of delinquents went to see the opening of Christo and Jean Claude's The Gates in Central Park. We got there just as they were finishing the unfurling, and walked around for a few hours, and came home with sample swatches of the fabric (see right), which is hunting-vest orange (much more orange than actual saffron looks) and made of a tough fabric somewhat resembling what seatbelts are made from.

The Gates The Gates

Intro poster at the entrances to the park.
At the Gates At the Gates

Walking into the park from the E 67th Street entrance.
Unfurling, Step 1 Unfurling, Step 1

The Gates were still being unfurled when we got there. One of the workers wields a ten-foot pole with a hook on the end, trying to catch a loop attached to the covering. This is no mean trick.
Unfurling, Step 2 Unfurling, Step 2

She pulls back a velcro seal, and the covering drops away.
Unfurling, Step 3 Unfurling, Step 3

And the banner falls (!@#$% digital camera with its slow shutter speed made me miss this shot).
Opener Of Gates Opener Of Gates

One of the workers, with the Aluminum Staff Of Power. Yes, the tennis ball cover for the hook is standard equipment.
Out of the Tunnel Out of the Tunnel

The Gates really change the light inside tunnels.
Transverse Road Transverse Road

This double row of gates was really striking.
Awaiting the Burning Hot Dog Of Doom Awaiting the Burning Hot Dog Of Doom

Laura ensures the camera is ready as Barbara prepares to commiserate.
The Fountain The Fountain

Looking west from the plaza around the fountain.
Gates Going Down Gates Going Down

Looking east, near the Boathouse.
Across the Pond Across the Pond

By 1pm the park was getting pretty crowded.
Join the Club Join the Club

The NYPD strikes fear into the hearts of misbehaving golfers everywhere.

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