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Sunday Afternoon in Brooklyn

Sunday was a nice day, so I walked all the way through the Slope to my usual Sunday afternoon jam at the other end of the neighborhood, and back, picturephone within easy reach.

Knives Sharpened!

As a child, I quickly learned to distinguish the bell on this truck (a fire-alarm style bell, rung slowly, one gong every five or ten seconds) from the bell on the ice-cream truck (a series of little bells, jangled constantly by the Good Humor man).
Knives Sharpened!
Good Question!

Outside a bar on Fifth Avenue.
Good Question!
Bluegrass in the Murk

A terrible cell phone picture of the Ponkiesburg Pickin' Party, at Jack's on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn. Note the banjo section on the left.
Bluegrass in the Murk
And to all a good night

Along Fifth Avenue.
And to all a good night

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