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A Message Of Hope?

This cover of the November 11 Seattle Stranger, an alternative weekly, has apparently become something of a collectors' item. The message says,
Do not despair. You don't have to leave. You don't have to move to Canada. You may feel out of place in the United States today. You may feel like you're surrounded by fundamentalist-church-going, gun-hugging, gay-bashing, anti-choice Bush voters. But you're not. George W. Bush only got 50% of the national vote. And you don't really live out there somewhere in "the nation," do you? You live in the city. A big city. And John Kerry got 61% of the urban vote. The bigger the city, the higher John Kerry's percentage. John Kerry got 80% of the vote in Seattle.* Cities vote Democratic. Cities are the economic engines that power this country. Cities are diverse, dynamic and progressive. Don't think of yourself as a citizen of the United States. You are a citizen of the urban archipelago. The United Cities Of America.
*Roughly 75% in New York City, which is an actual "big city," and almost 85% in Brooklyn, which is nearly five times bigger than Seattle.
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