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The Highest Form of Patriotism

I went through Union Square today as the protest march was coming back down Broadway (it made a big circle). Can't say what was happening in Midtown but the scene there was peaceful and optimistic.

LJ's autoformatting kept screwing up my layout, so I put most of the photos in a gallery.

But the most heartbreaking sight of the day were these photos, all labeled "Not Just A Statistic," taped up to walls in the Village. They remind me more than a bit of the Portraits Of Grief series, and I have wondered why people who travelled halfway around the world to die for their country don't deserve as much coverage as the 9/11 victims, many of whom were inadvertant victims of a surprise attack. (Which is not to question devoting the coverage to them, but don't soldiers deserve as much?).

Tags: nyc, photos, politics
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