Ken (steelbrassnwood) wrote,

Prince on Joni Mitchell

In an excellent article and interview in the Rocky Mountain News, Prince weighed in on Joni Mitchell:
"I love all Joni's music," he says, adding that he does her songs "just to keep her name out there. Joni's music should be taught in school, if just from a literature standpoint."
He also mentions someone else who should have made that list -- what WERE we thinking and how could I forget her? Wendy Melvoin, with whom he was recently reunited for a TV performance:
"She plays acoustic guitar with me better than almost anyone. The opportunity came up and her name was the first to come to mind. I'm looking for things to juice me, too."
The article has some good details on his current financial arrangements with Sony, noting that he gets $7 for each copy of Musicology sold. (Usually it's closer to a dollar if not less.)
Tags: music
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