Ken (steelbrassnwood) wrote,

In Like a Lion

So, this month I did some sweet country tunes, some electronica, some funny songs, some strange songs, and some not-quite-song songs. But I haven't really rocked out yet. Reproducing all those guitar parts for the last song (especially the, well, I won't tell you yet where that guitar riff at the beginning comes from but it's a great rock guitar album) made me really want to play some good loud rock&roll guitar. I found a good drum loop in GarageBand and played something Chuck Berry-ish over it (of course, all rock guitar is Chuck Berry-ish), and then played a bass line on the low strings of the guitar. And then, I just went crazy on the harmonica.

The result is my last FAWM tune, "In Like a Lion." Welcome to March.
Tags: songs
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