Ken (steelbrassnwood) wrote,

Bike MS

Washington BridgeI did it -- 30 miles around Manhattan for BikeMS. Actually a little more than 40 overall, including the trip in and back. It would have been more like 45 miles, except that at 6:15am I was waiting for the A train at Lafayette Street because it was raining so hard it wasn't safe to ride. So that put a literal damper on the start of the ride but everyone was in good spirits, and the weather cleared until by the time we got to the 20-mile rest stop at Inwood Hill Park, the sun came out.

lizoleeta and I finally met up at the finish line -- she was about 15 minutes ahead of me -- and took some celebratory photographs. But I have to say the high point of the day was opening the little bag of goodies to find ... DRY SOCKS!

Thank you to everyone who helped me raise $1,000 to fight multiple sclerosis. I'm honored to have been part of this effort, and it was inspiring to see so many New Yorkers riding in the rain to fight a terrible disease. And best of all, twice during the ride, we passed the Walk For Breast Cancer twice. I didn't se rosiebird but she was in there.
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