Ken (steelbrassnwood) wrote,

The Horse's Mouth

Photo_040608_002.jpgDriving down to Red Hook yesterday (for a workshop on fingerpicked blues with Mamie Minch of the Roulette Sisters, at the fabulous Jalopy Theater And School Of Music) I stopped to take some photos of a strange mural on a construction wall along Third Street in Gowanus. Entitled "The Horse's Mouth," it depicts ghosts on horseback, the ghosts of the men who fought battles of the Revolutionary War pretty much right on that spot.

The artist's web site,, doesn't give much information about it, and I'm not linking directly to it because it's a somewhat hostile browser-resizing flash site, but she's done another construction-wall mural at an NYU construction site in the Village, as well as work in Brooklyn restaurants and other public spaces.





Tags: brooklyn, photos
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