Ken (steelbrassnwood) wrote,

Facebook Spam Redux

So just after writing a few friends who'd written me FunWall notes (which I won't read, because to do so you have to install the application and I've been down that road already), I got a "challenge" from a friend to take the Princess Bride trivia test in Flixster (which I actually have installed and like, or at least, I used to like it). I took the quiz and submitted it before I noticed that there was a checkbox to "Send quiz to your friends," so once again, I was tricked into spamming people.

But it gets better. After I finish the quiz, it refused to show me my score unless I sent more spam to at least five friends.

This is not Facebook's doing, it's the morons who wrote this application. But they need to improve their monitoring of how third-party applications work.
Tags: stupidity
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