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Apple's Rebate Site ... Powered By Microsoft - Riffs and Licks
Apple's Rebate Site ... Powered By Microsoft
I was amused to note that in trying to submit a rebate for some new Apple equipment I bought, an error message came up clearly indicating that the site is running on a Microsoft .NET server. The site is most likely run by a third-party rebate-processing company, but it's still amusing. Especially since it didn't work.

(And how annoying is the whole ridiculous rebate process, anyway? I bought all the equipment at the Apple store, so they already know I qualify, so the only reason they didn't take the price off the total at checkout was the hope that I'd forget to file the rebate or fail to follow all their rules correctly.)


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From: ext_82344 Date: January 28th, 2008 03:33 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh yeah. We lost a $200 rebate because my husband threw out the packaging on a Dell laptop so we didn't have the UPC. They refused us even though we had copious evidence that we had in fact made the purchase during the prescribed time. It's all a scam anyway -- they just hope you won't apply for the rebate.
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