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Return Of the Sheriff Sessions - Riffs and Licks
Return Of the Sheriff Sessions

Shotgun Party
Originally uploaded by kenf225
We were back at the Baggott Inn last night for another edition of the Sheriff Sessions, featuring a band from Austin, Shotgun Party, that includes fiddler Katy Rose Cox who was a highlight of the Brooklyn pickin' scene before moving to Texas a few years ago.

Their music lives in an area somewhere between honky-tonk or the classic blues of folks like Memphis Minnie, and modern alternative music. The instrumentation is completely traditional -- fiddle, bass and a gorgeous old archtop acoustic -- but the songs (all originals) go places you don't expect. Katy plays wicked fiddle, sometimes like horn lines, sometimes like keyboards, sometimes very dissonant, and Christopher Crepps on bass was right there with all the weird changes and unexpected turns, playing masterfully in the classic style. And Jenny Parrott is one of the quirkiest and most engaging singers I've seen in a bluegrass setting in some time, and a great songwriter. Her voice ranges from little-girlish to gutbucket blues, sometimes in a single line, and a stage presence that's hard to describe and harder to capture on camera in very low lighting. (I was using a 50mm/1.4 without autofocus, not that I'd use it anyway since the focusing light is very distracting, and with the lens opened all the way up so the depth-of-field was very narrow; as a result I have many great out-of-focus shots.) Check the link above; they're playing several more times in the area over the next few weeks and are well worth catching.

Also on the bill was Copper Kettle, which combines the talents of two excellent songwriters in the Brooklyn scene: Andrew Hunt and Fred Skellenger, and also the Sheriff's own Cheatin' Hearts, a good-time band if ever there was one.

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From: brasskitten Date: November 7th, 2007 04:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
"wicked fiddle" - now that's something a Newfoundlander would say! Can't wait till Austin in the spring!

Actually, I think I'm going to stop using the names of seasons. Instead I'll use the names of the cities I will be visiting.

On the 22st of December this year I'll happily greet the first day of New-York/Edmonton. And then, when the calendar rolls around to Austin I'll be getting ready to greet the leaves and tulips. Well, in theory anyway. We all know Austin doesn't happen in Newfoundland. Not until May, anyway. But this Newfoundlander is going to have Austin early, she thinks! Austin in Austin!

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