Ken (steelbrassnwood) wrote,

Preview of a Very Special Evening

Last night at Sunny's we did a run-through of some of the songs for the tribute to Louis Giampetruzzi on Sunday afternoon.

Tone Johansen followed with two sets of marvelous jazz songs. It was a quiet, intimate, wonderful night. Sunday won't be as quiet, but I think it will be magical. Please join us for this great event paying tribute to a wonderful musician: Sunday, March 11, 6pm, at the Parkside Lounge, 317 E. Houston Street.

Top row: Tone Johansen with Rick Shields, fiddle, John Simpson, guitar, and a great bass player with whom I play every week but whose name I have forgotten, embarrassingly enough.

Middle row: Trip Henderson and Kate Giampetruzzi, doing a great duet on "Fugitive's Lament."

Bottom row: Tone, Kate and me.

I'll also be playing tonight, with the Y'all Stars, at Googie's, and on Monday night, again at the Parkside, with Fresh Baked. Details on my site.
Tags: gigs, music, photos
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